Jane Chugg-White CBT

Online CBT; EMDR; Internal Family Systems; Lifespan Integration Counselling/Psychotherapy and Clinical Supervision by Skype and Zoom 

During the Corona Virus  

I am offering counselling/psychotherapy or Clinical Supervision sessions to anywhere in the world by Skype or zoom.

For Counselling and Psychotherapy (please see further down this page for details regarding Clinical Supervision by Skype/Zoom) Skype/Zoom sessions are for one hour and are set up in exactly the same way as face to face sessions.

I ask for completion of an initial assessment form before an appointment for an initial assessment session via Skype/Zoom is made. The initial assessment session would be for one hour and provides an opportunity for me to establish whether I have the right skills to offer you and also an opportunity for you to establish whether you would feel comfortable working with me. If a decision is made from the initial assessment to go ahead with therapy we would then make weekly or fortnightly appointments for Skype sessions thereafter.

My adherence to the BACP and BABCP code of ethics remains the same as for face to face work.

The cost is the same as a face to face session which is £80.00 per hour and I would ask for this to be paid via whatever means we agree (usually BACS) prior to each session. (The initial assessment session is also charged at £80.00). Prior to an initial assessment appointment being made I offer the option to talk by telephone (for up to 20 minutes) free of charge to discuss any questions/anxieties you may have about undertaking counselling psychotherapy and what to expect before an initial assessment appointment is made.     

To access Counselling and Psychotherapy by Skype/Zoom you need to have a computer or access to a computer with a web camera and microphone. 


Skype sessions allows greater accessibility to Counselling and Psychotherapy; particularly if;

You live outside of the area in which the therapist you would like to work with practices

You prefer to work with a therapist who lives outside your locality

You are based abroad and/or in a remote area

You would find it difficult to find time in your hectic lifestyle to travel to a location for therapy sessions

You are for whatever reason housebound



I can also offer a combination of face to face sessions and Skype. This can be helpful for clients who may be travelling abroad or UK wide and therefore ordinarily would not be able to regularly attend the same location for Counselling and Psychotherapy. There may also be other reasons why a combination of face to face and Skype sessions might be more convenient. 


Clinical Supervision

This is charged at £75.00 per hour and please don't hesitate to contact me for a no obligation chat over the telephone or email. Similarly to setting up Counselling or Psychotherapy I would send you an initial form to you to complete. This would be a questionnaire regarding your supervision needs; current work; experience; qualifications; membership of governing bodies etc. I would then make a time for an initial assessment session with you via Skype to ascertain whether we feel it suitable to work together. If this is agreed I would require actual evidence of suitable qualification and membership with relevant governing bodies and if relevant Professional Liability Insurance before going ahead with a Supervisory relationship. 



Please don't hesitate to contact me to further discuss Counselling/Psychotherapy or Clinical Supervision via Skype/zoom.

Tel      07714763660

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